Like so many other young men I had the dream of becoming a famous musician and making millions of dollars. After meeting my mentor at the age of 19, I was asked to write songs based on certain topics, and shortly after he introduced to the founders and stars of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. It was during these valuable experiences that I learned that there is much more to the music industry than making great sounding music. Even still I was afforded another opportunity to meet one of the biggest pioneers in hip hop, Russell Simmons. I was told to bring a CD of my work to hand deliver to him. At this meeting he took the CD, and looked at me and said “did you copyright your music”? At that point I had no idea on what he was asking. I told him that I did not, and he declined to take the CD. He did offer his office phone number, and told me to handle the business aspects before giving my music to anyone else. This made me realize that I had no clue on how to move forward with a musical career. So after years of building relationships with attorney’s, music A&R’s, managers, road managers, and executives, I began learning how to develop artists, file submissions to various agencies, organizing recording sessions, creating networks with artists, producers and engineers, and researching avenues for monetization. I realized my love for music lead me to my calling to help other artists in all genres reach their potential by sharing the lessons that I’ve learned over the years, while utilizing the skill set that I have gained. My job is to keep you focused on being creative and expressing yourself without the worries of protecting your art, and making sure that you are fairly compensated for your work. My goal is to build a team that is centered on marketing, promoting, branding and coaching the next wave of stars in the music industry.